To promote unity and solidarity through education, providing forums of discussions, identifying and addressing issues and concerns in their native homeland, specifically the Metro Infanta area of the Philippines including the towns of Burdeos, General Nakar, Infanta, Panukulan, Polillo, and Real.
Money Raised & Distributed
Scholarships Awarded
Pesos for Rice

Since 1996, we have raised nearly half a million dollars and have distributed more than $400,000 in grants to various causes in our hometown. In addition, the Foundation has facilitated nearly $250,000 in direct funding from various funding agencies such as St. Thomas More Parish, Holy Cross Parish, Weckbaugh Foundation, Knights of Columbus, St. Vincent de Paul, and the Archdiocese of Denver and many more.


Through God’s grace and your support, we have achieved the following milestones and works-in-progress:

* Published a newsletter until 2000 to connect our community in Diaspora
* Publish the Metro Infanta Foundation website to offer more timely communications, information and inspiration for our community in Diaspora.
* Organized and funded, in part, the 50th Anniversary celebration of the opening of the Infanta Mission and bringing six of our beloved Carmelite priests “home.”
* Built the Prayer Garden, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Shrine, to remember the Carmelite missionaries


St. John the Baptist Church in Panukulan

* Helped rebuild the St. John the Baptist Church in Panukulan with St. Thomas More children’s “Pennies from Heaven”

* Provided financial support to medical missions in Metro Infanta
* Built water tanks for school children in Sibulan Elementary School and National High School in Polillo
* Distiributed dictionaries and other school supplies for every classroom in Infanta Central
* Helped build a tool shed in Mt. Carmel High School in Polillo.
* Provided funds to purchase a television and karaoke (sound system) for Infanta Central.
* Provided funds to finish the flooring of the Adoration Chapel in Infanta
* Provided funds to refurbish the pews of the St. Mark’s Cathedral for the Golden Jubilee celebration of the Carmelite mission
* Provided funds for Bishop Labayen’s 75th birthday celebration, including the publication of a book, “Julio, Itayo mo ang aking simbahan” in his honor.
* Assisted “Hardin ng Kalikasan,” a self-help women’s group in securing funds to build their headquarters in Kiloloron, Real.
* Provided funds for the Mother of Life and Notre Dame de Vie construction project and programs.
* Provided funds for the welcome and farewell celebrations of Bishop Rolando Tria Tirona and Bishop Julio X. Labayen respectively.
* Published “Labong ng Kawayan,” a compilation of stories about Metro Infanta and distributed copies to public and private schools in the Metro Infanta area.

* Provided emergency assistance after the Deluge of 2004
* Provided funds to help rebuild the Mt. Carmel High School of Infanta
* Currently spearheading the Gabaldon Reconstruction Project for Infanta Central
* Provided general financial support and tuition assistance to seminarians at St. Joseph House of Formation
* Continues to provide funds for the Prelature of Infanta and its programs.
* Serves as conduit for Mission Appeals and other funding opportunities for the Prelature of Infanta, Socio Pastoral Institute and the Philippine Carmelite Province.
* Offers scholarship grants to 27 high school, 11 college and two post-gradute students throughout the Prelature of Infanta in the provinces of Quezon and Aurora and beyond.
* Established the Arizala Diplomacy Scholarship at Lyceum University in honor of Ambassador Rodolfo Arizala
* Facilitated donation to St. Bernard, Leyte after the devastating typhoon in February 2006
* Donated computer units for Panukulan National High School
* Purchased World Atlas for Mt. Carmel High School-Burdeos library
* Purchased a bell for Real’s St. Raphael Parish
* Scholarship grant to Northern Quezon Cooperative College
* Connects long-lost friends and relatives through the website.
* Secure donations to Infanta and other parts of the Philippines from other agencies
* Helped fund three friars rooms in the Carmelite Seminary in the Philippines
* Donated air condition for St. Joseph House of Formation
* Donated funds to rebuild the Labayen Hall of Mt. Carmel School of Infanta
* Donated 75,000 pesos each to three parishes in the Diocese of Kabankalan for a total of 225,000 pesos, to use as capital to purchase rice for distribution.


We can do more! Join us, and together, let’s make a difference..